Chevrolet Cruze or similar


Demand Attention: The Cruze has been praised for its stunning exterior. The bold grill, swept-back lamps and sculpted fenders are just some of its impressive features.
High Performance: The Chevy Cruze has tested well all over the world and in a variety of conditions. It has proven its endurance in desert heat, the high altitude of the Alps and the humidity and moisture of Thailand.
Breathing Room: While classified as a compact, you would never guess from its spacious interior boasting more passenger room and cargo space than others in its class.
Green and Clean: The Chevy Cruze is well below the strict US government standards on fuel emissions. It is equipped with new technology including selective catalyst reduction, a particulate filter, exhaust gas recirculation and advanced fuel system components that work together to produce 90% less emissions.

$ 69.95 Per Day
Automatic Transmission
Gas Powered
4 Doors
4 Passengers
3 Suitcases
Air Conditioning

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